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A huge advantage is that my legs don’t get tired and I can stand at the desk for longer. I alternate between sitting and standing with Steppie. I really like it.

Pia Kleinschmidt

Once you’ve tried it, you never want to get off it again. It’s so nice. We looooove them at our office.
Lene Hvid

Steppie is amazing. I just tested it out. Unfortunately, only for two days. Then I had to let my colleagues try it as well. It’s especially good for me because I have issues with one of my knees. With Steppie, I could stand up for longer without any pain in my knee.
Annette Staun Jespersen

I stand on it for 4-5 hours a day. I’m currently testing a Steppie and it definitely helps.
Anne Flint Hallum

Without Steppie, you’re going to slouch or overstretch your legs. I had one at my former job and looooooved it. It helped me avoid a bad work posture.

Rikke Hegelund

A “must have” in the office. Whenever I’m not standing on it, I use it as a foot rest. Big recommendation.

Susanne Hansen

I work in the army and was allowed to purchase 2, which we are very happy about. I can easily stand for the entire morning while working on the computer at the same time.
Birgitte Søby Vagnholm

I have only tried it for a few days so far, but I highly recommend it. My loin/hip region generally hurts and I can feel how Steppie activates the muscles there in a really nice way.
Hanne Stilling-Meilgaard

I’m a happy Steppie owner now. I start the day by standing on it for about 1.5 hours. After lunch I stand for another 1.5 hours. Before I started using Steppie, I stood for a maximum of 30 minutes a day because I was slouching and hurting. It has really helped me.

Laila Nymand la Cour

You should be commended for your return procedure. I have a bad hip and Steppie didn’t help me as much. My money came back immediately after I returned it. Thanks for that.
Hanne Jensen, Vordingborg

I don’t get as tired in my feet and back as I usually do when I stand on my new Steppie.
Christine Lund

Steppie is a great invention. Before, I never used my adjustable desk to stand while working.
Thomas Villads

From my professional point of view, I think Steppie is brilliant. It can really make standing at a desk comfortable. You don’t even notice you’re working out.

Hanne Jensen


I was a bit sceptical when I had to pay for testing my Steppie in the beginning. But it was no problem, I got my money back after I returned it.
Lone Kristensen, Kolding

I use it at work. It’s amazing.
Lone Kristensen, Kolding

My favorite thing about my Steppie is that I can’t slouch to one side like I tend to because then I’d simply fall over. So it helped me get rid of a bad habit.

Susi Philipp

Just tried one out for a few days, and it’s GREAT. It enabled me to stand while working for more than half of the first test day. I really want a Steppie now. Without Steppie, I don’t stand more than half an hour at a time, as I quickly begin to slouch. My colleagues who also got to try it were enthusiastic as well.
Birgitte Lindhardt Rudkjøbing

I’m lucky enough to already own a Steppie.
I’ve had mine since December, and I haven’t been sitting since.
Mette Corneliussen

I stand up twice a day for about an hour at a time, but unfortunately I tend to lean on the table or put more weight on one leg. I’ve tried Steppie and my posture becomes way better. It makes me distribute my weight equally on both sides.
Veronika Christensen

We love that we can stand for longer without our feet hurting.
Tanja Bundgaard

Several people at my workplace have tested Steppie. We sit and stand at our adjustable desks. Steppie is good for our joints and muscles. Many of us think Steppie makes it more fun to stand while working.

Pia Zeberg, Horsens

I love my Steppie – I certainly wouldn’t want to live without it
Kamilla Nybro Torp Madsen

You can easily stand on the wide board – you’re not at all afraid to lose your balance. I had a tendency to put all my weight on my heels on the one I used to have when it tilted the other way. Steppie has a really good height. You can easily reach from the centre to either side of the desk. On the whole, it feels nice to stand on.
Gitte Mønster Jørgensen

I just received a Steppie for testing this morning, and I’m already addicted.
Hanne Abrahamsen

The movement is nice and it reduces back muscle fatigue, which fits well with us telling our guests to move more in stationary positions.

Jack Clemmensen

Skagen Arthritis Centre

I think my feet get warmer when I use Steppie. It’s really nice, because they’re usually freezing.
Lone Jensen

I almost never sit down when I’m working anymore, since I got a Steppie.
Tove Møller

I know it’s necessary to stand up once in a while, but Steppie just makes it easier and more comfortable.
Lissy Petersen

Steppie is amazing :).

I love to move my body while working. And Steppie is perfect for working at an adjustable desk, and it’s easy to use.

Great to “steppie dance” a bit when there’s good music playing in the office.
Warmest recommendations from me.

Anette Straadt