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Working from home has many advantages

– the Steppie HOME SAFE package can help eliminate the disadvantages. Learn more about Steppie Desk Riser, Laptop Riser and Steppie Balance Board

See the whole Steppie HOME SAFE package, perfect for work at home

Discover how Steppie HOME SAFE can improve your home office

The package gives you an adjustable desk for your workspace at home which helps improve your health and well-being.

Working from home has many advantages

  • It saves time because you don’t need to commute
  • Good for the environment due to less driving
  • Increased efficiency due to fewer distractions during working hours
  • Less sick leave, fewer infections among employees
  • Increased efficiency due to an optimised workplace

The HOME SAFE package from STEPPIE ensures an ergonomically correct and safe workplace at home

It has many advantages. Both economically and on a human level:

  • The Steppie Balance Board lets you stand for a long time without getting tired because you are not standing still
  • Standing more instead of sitting still is good for circulation – and the brain.

Steppie Desk Riser has room for both your laptop and an additional monitor.

An extra keyboard and mouse let you work more efficiently and are more ergonomic.

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