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Steppie Soft Top

Steppie Soft Top lifts the concept of anti-fatigue
mat to a higher level.

The Soft Top is mounted easily and without the use of tools with the included clips.

A single click and the Soft Top is secured to the Steppie.

Steppie Soft Top

The unique bubbles are designed according to reflexology principles. Your feet will get positive feedback when you step on the bubbles, and they make Steppie Soft Top dynamic and alive to stand on.

Steppie + Soft Top – combined

With Steppie and Steppie Soft Top, you are combining the active movement to your entire body with soft and pleasant comfort for your feet. A perfect combination for standing office work.

Extra bonus for you

Take off your shoes and let Steppie Soft Top give you an enjoyable and comfortable reflexology while you work.

Your body will love you for it!