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About Steppie...


Why is sedentary behaviour harmful?

What do researchers say about sedentary behaviour?

What does Steppie do for employees and the for the company in general?

Find the answers below …

Steppie is a balance board that effortlessly:
  • activates those with sedentary work
  • strengthens your back
  • makes it more comfortable to stand for longer periods
  • improves circulation
  • makes you burn more calories
  • gives you more energy

All you have to do is stand on the board, and the rest takes care of itself …

Steppie is as brilliant as it is simple.

Steppie features a simple yet stylish design that looks good in any office environment.

In contrast to a traditional ball balance board that requires a great deal of energy, concentration and balance to master, Steppie requires none of the above and can be easily used by anyone.

Locating the balance point is easy and the board’s seesaw motion is more controlled than a standard balance board.


We become ill through sitting.

It will have big consequences for the health of individuals and the economy in future.

Many lifestyle diseases result from our inactive behaviour.

Given the growing number of computer-based workplaces, we are well on the way to undermining our health in general. The number of people with lifestyle diseases is growing rapidly and costing society billions each year.

Muscular and joint problems are also increasing sharply according to the National Research Centre for the Working Environment.

Researchers agree … We spend too much time sitting down

Sedentary behaviour is extremely harmful for our health – a fact which researchers agree on. Countless studies have been conducted at various universities around the world:

You have a 54% higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease if you perform your work sitting down.

Men have a 30% higher risk of prostate cancer if they perform their work sitting down.

Your metabolic rate is reduced by 30-50% compared to standing, with the associated risk of overweight and diabetes.


Read the scientific documentation

Employer’s responsibility?

According to section 38, chapter 5 of the Danish Working Environment Act:

“Work shall be planned, organised and carried out in such a way as to ensure health and safety.”

Read more about what aspects of the working environment employers are responsible for.


Read the wording of the act.

Invest in employee health?

Does it pay to invest in employee health? Every company should ask itself this question. Finances are important – there needs to be a balance.

Most employees have a height-adjustable desk, and they represent a significant investment. However, it is difficult to stay standing up for so many hours so that it really makes a difference and benefits the individual employee – and the company’s finances.


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