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Steppie is a balance board that enables you to be more physically active and have a healthier working day at the office!

With a Steppie, you can stand comfortably at your height-adjustable desk for a long time – in fact, for hours!

Choose a Steppie:

  • If you want to reduce joint and muscle pain
  • If you want a more active daily life
  • If you want to avoid feeling tired in your back, legs and feet when standing
  • If you want to improve your posture and avoid pains in your head, neck and shoulders
  • If you want to burn 30-50% more fat compared to sitting still
  • If you want to reduce the risk of diabetes
  • If you want to prevent cardiovascular disease, which you have a 54% greater risk of dying from if you have a sedentary job.

Steppie is a ‘missing link’ in office ergonomics and a healthy choice for the modern office.

Steppie prevents and reduces the harmful effects and pain caused by sedentarism.


See why sedentary work is harmful…

Steppie Balannceboard

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Customer testimonials…

Steppie is fantastic. Just had one on trial. Unfortunately only for two days because I had to hand it over to other colleagues. It’s especially good for me because I have problems with one of my knees. With Steppie, I could stand up for longer periods of time without getting a sore knee.
Annette Staun Jespersen

What I like best about my Steppie is that my bad habit of leaning to one side is not possible because I’d just fall over. So one bad habit less.

Susi Philipp



Except for our contactinfo – the only way is up ↑ 😉



Except for our contactinfo – the only way is up ↑ 😉


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