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Steppie & Soft top

-makes sedentary office work less harmful

Steppie Soft Top

Relief mat with reflexology effect

Steppie + the new Steppie Soft Top

The perfect combination for working while standing

A healthier working life with Steppie

Choose Steppie if you want:

  • 30-50% increased fat burning
  • stronger back and legs
  • healthier and nicer posture
  • better balance
  • improved circulation
  • lower risk of diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • more energy

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Why is sedentary work harmful?

Steppie is a “missing link” in ergonomics for the office space and a healthy choice for the modern workplace. Steppie prevents and reduces the effects and pain caused by sedentary work.

For a healthier office life

Steppie is a balance board for office use. It keeps you physically active, because you will be able to stand for longer periods in a dynamic position instead of a static one.

What do other customers say about Steppie?

A huge advantage is that my legs don’t get tired and I can stand at the desk for longer. I alternate between sitting and standing with Steppie. I really like it.

Pia Kleinschmidt

My favorite thing about my Steppie is that I can’t slouch to one side like I tend to because then I’d simply fall over. So it helped me get rid of a bad habit.

Susi Philipp

Discover Steppie Soft Top

… a relief mat with reflexology effect.

What experts say about sedentary work

Training expert Henrik Duer

Are you missing out on “the little daily workout” that can make a crucial difference to your weight and health?
People often underestimate the importance of NEAT when it comes to weight loss – or may not even be aware of it. NEAT can be the key to lasting weight loss! You should therefore focus as much on your NEAT as on your workout and diet. Read more

Chiropractor Ole Wessung:

The difference between sitting and standing is so pronounced that it should be mandatory to stand at work – at least half the day!
When you sit down…
1. Your brain works half as fast (you get twice as stupid)
2. The pressure on the cartilage discs in your back increases significantly
3. 20% less air per breath…
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