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Meet the Steppie team

We are people with passion and a mission!
We created Steppie for you because your body deserves better…

Our mission is to

  • inform about how harmful sedentary work is to your health
  • deliver products with the best ergonomic design
  • deliver high-quality products and have a light carbon footprint

Our vision is to

  • inform everyone of how harmful sedentary work is to their health
  • have everyone replace their chair with a Steppie for half the day
Gitte Toft

Gitte Toft

Design & marketing

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Henrik Andersen

Henrik Andersen

Sales & purchasing

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Gitte Kjær Jensen

Gitte Kjær Jensen

Ergonomics consultant, sale

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Steppies products is different

All other balance boards on the market made for office use have incorrect ergonomic designs. They harm the people using them! Because the manufacturers do not understand ergonomics. We say that with total confidence.

If physiotherapists, occupational physicians and workplace assessment specialists would take a critical look at Steppie’s competitors, the competing products would be rejected.

It is remarkable that there are no requirements and controls for such products. There are strict requirements for all other areas of occupational health and safety.

Danish quality – with a 10-year warranty

From our beginning back in 2013, our attitude was that we needed to be able to produce our products in Denmark at a price that was competitive enough to sell them in Europe. It can be done.
China acting as the whole world’s manufacturing hub is hardly sustainable. Partly due to the large climate impact from long shipping routes, but mainly for ideological reasons. It is absurd that a communist dictatorship should be supplying Western democracies with cheap, low-quality products.
That is why we produce our products in Denmark – with a 10-year warranty.

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