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Meet the Steppie team

We are people with passion and a mission!
We created Steppie for you because your body deserves better…

Gitte Toft

  • Inventor 100% 100%
  • Sales and marketing 100% 100%
  • IT and Web responsible 100% 100%
  • Product developer 50% 50%
What’s my background?
I am a trained acupuncturist, reflexologist and physiotherapist. After I finished my training, I had my own clinic for a number of years.
I have always focused on the concept of balance, among other things as a retailer for MBT shoes that strengthen the balance and for a special office chair, which is also designed according to the balance principle.
In working with the office chairs, it became very clear to me that there is a widespread health problem in all offices: Due to digitalisation, most people work on computers and do not move during their workday. You can sit all day at a screen, only interrupted by a lunch break. Others sit somewhat less due to some interruptions throughout the day – but still too much.
Apart from these many hours spent sitting at work, you have to factor in the commute, which usually takes place sitting inactively as well, not to mention breakfast, dinner, being in front of screens at home… Sitting, sitting, sitting – our bodies are not made for this at all.

When I started researching the health disadvantages of sitting it became clear to me that this is a huge health problem. A problem I wanted to solve. We need to stand more.

But standing still at an adjustable desk is hard on the body too. Movement is needed.

From my experience working with MBT shoes and the special office chair, it seemed obvious to apply the principle of balance to working while standing.

Privately I am passionate about art. I run GALLERI SKAGEN, which is located in the middle of the shopping street in Skagen. The gallery is open all year. My art primarily features paintings from the area around Skagen. In summer I also host a weekly guest artist.

See my art at www.gittetoft.dk

Henrik Andersen

  • Responsible for Export 100% 100%
  • In charge of finances 90% 90%
  • Purchasing and logistics manager 100% 100%
  • Product developer 50% 50%
I originally trained to be a forwarding agent and have worked with sales and marketing for the past 20 years, including product development.
When Gitte presented me with the idea of Steppie, I loved it right away. So we formed a partnership to develop the product.

We have been working together starting with the first sketches, 3D prints, seeking out spray plastic manufacturers, more sketches, prototypes, even more sketches, moulds, first production runs, marketing, sales etc. An exciting process with lots of challenges.

And now Steppie is on the market. Not only in Denmark, but also in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Germany, the Netherlands, England, France, Estonia, USA, Australia, Korea, Singapore – and more to come…

Privately, my hobby is cycling, primarily mountain biking but also road cycling.

In the summer months I focus on my garden and basically anything that can keep me outdoors.
I have also had an interest in health for many years, especially diet, ecology and exercise.

Gitte Kjær Jensen, Salg og kundeservice Steppie ApS

Gitte Kjær Jensen

  • Ergonomics consultant 100% 100%
  • Customer service 100% 100%
  • Order processor 100% 100%
  • Accounting assistent 100% 100%

I am a trained sales assistant in Salling Ålborg and worked for more than 15 years in the retail industry. I am passionate about sales and especially customer service and love talking to customers. Retail and long opening hours and children do not fit together particularly well. So after I had children, I chose to work as a Telemarketing employee who had more child-friendly working hours. This is where I came across Steppie and I did several “ad hoc” tasks for the company. One day, Henrik asked me if would join the Steppie company and work full time. It did not take me long to decide. The work was well known and I would be able to work from home a large part of the time, which suits me really well. I am happy with my work, which has developed a lot, into many more exciting tasks. The chemistry with Henrik and Gitte is important and I am really comfortable with the personal and humorous tone between us. Steppie is a great invention and I love that it takes “as little” as a Steppie to change a sedentary behavior in the office.

Privately I live with my husband and we have 2 children. My family means everything to me we are an active family who rarely sit still and are always on the go. We spend our free time giving our children lots of experiences and adventures and is there any time left at all – I spend on laundry and clean up after my family 😉 We live close to the west coast and love the beach, a walk there, gives peace of mind . I love Concerts, theater and lectures with girlfriends.

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