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Steppie Soft Top

.… relief mat with reflexology effect

Steppie Soft Top

High-quality relief mat at a low price

Steppie Soft Top, a different kind of relief mat

Steppie Soft Top takes the concept of relief mat to the next level.

The unique bubbles on Steppie Soft Top are designed according to reflexology principles.
Stepping on the bubbles gives your feet positive feedback. Steppie Soft Top is dynamic and almost feels alive when you stand on it.

Every bubble presses back against your foot with max. 3,2 kg when you move. This facilitates blood circulation.

Steppie Soft Top is exactly the size you need for standing in one place at work.
It is easy to move and clean and can be machine-washed at 40 degrees.

The price is low and the comfort is high. In our opinion, everyone should be able to enjoy the benefits of working while standing.

Steppie Soft Top is registered with the Danish Health and Medicines Authority as “medical device, class 1”.

See the Danish National Health Board’s certificate here and the fact sheet here.

Steppie can be used in a store, clinic and office environment

Steppie + Soft Top – combined

With Steppie Soft Top you take advantage of standing in a dynamic and healthy way while your feet remain comfortable.

The perfect combination for working while standing. Both Steppie and Steppie Soft Top can be used with all kinds of footwear.

Extra bonus for you

Take off your shoes and let Steppie Soft Top give your feet a nice and gentle massage while you work. Your body will thank you for it